Where to eat?

We have locations all caliber to enjoy the gastronomy Puneña

In Puno, as in every city, there are restaurants of all kinds

Gourmet and Luxury food (S/20 – 120 Soles)
  • Mojsa: Lima st 635, 2nd floor
  • La Table del Inca: Lambayeque st. 127
  • It is also important to mention restaurants in Libertador Hotel, Sonesta Posadas del Inka and Casa Andina Private Collection have plates à la carte
Vegetarian food (S/ 8 Soles +)
  • • Loving Hut (vegetarian): Jose Domingo Choquehuanca St. 188, Parque de las Aguas
Bargain / Local (S/5 Soles and up)
  • There are restaurants on the first block of the Melgar street. with 5 Soles base price, you will have a local nice and good food.
  • There is a restaurant on the first block of the street Moquegua St., has the name "La Huerta" costs 5 soles and they cook well; likewise, there is another right in front of this restaurant.
  • Ricos Pan: Arequipa St. 332 and Moquegua St. 326 (two main places); have a good reputation of local people. Prices go from 3 soles up to 20 +.
  • Café Bar casa del Corregidor: In front of the Cathedral, this café has a good reputation for coffee lovers.
Tradicional food (from the area)
  • The Central market is one of the best options for taking breakfast, especially on Juices section. Look for Ofelia lady, who have a very nice juice place (clean, cheap and many fruits) to offer. She’s on the second place. Prices start from 3 soles
  • Pesque or Quinua Pudding; two typical plates of the region, you can try it in the central market or go to Cahuide St. corner Arbulu. Look for Evelyn who attend this small place. (open from 8am to 11am)
  • Orange juices; there are 3 ladies selling these tasteful juices on Los Incas st. corner Ilo St. Price per juice is 2 soles.
Puno restaurants map: