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Puno, Perú
Uros Floating Islands Tour | Tours to Uros in half Day.
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Group tour To Uros Floating Islands in half day

Shared basis Tour to Uros - Morning Schedule

ID: ES005
  • Description

    In this tour to the floating islands of Uros on the Lake Titicaca, we will pick you up from your hotels, to move to the port of Puno where we will take our motor boat towards the famous Uros Floating reed Islands (You will feel like in the titanic but smaller and without hitting a large piece of ice). 

    You will have a Spanish / English professional guide that will show you this beautiful place, explaining the life and history of these fascinating Uros inhabitants.

    You will have enough time to explore the island by yourselves, visit the Uros’ families houses, take photographs from tower points.

    Remember to ask interesting facts such as where are the toilets in the middle of the lake Titicaca? The answer will leave you open-mouthed!!

    Inca Lake offer you the possibility to choose three schedules morning, midday or afternoon as seen in itinerary tab. We will ensure this 3 ½ hour excursion will be with you all your life!

    Benefits for booking Uros tour through us:

    • Comfortable and moderns boats (toilets, 2 floors, and seats similar to bus).

    • Professional guides on English / Spanish languages (other languages upon request to reservas@incalake.com).

    • Guided visit through local guides that know Uros in deep.

    • Hot beverages on board

    • Possibility to take the famous reed boat (optional, pay direct of S/15 p/p to the Uros families).

  • Itinerary

    Morning Hours

    ITINERARY (MORNING) shared service – 30 people around APPROX TIME
    Pick up from hotels (center of Puno). 08:45AM
    Departure from the port. 09:15AM
    Visit 2 Uros Islands. 10:00AM
    Return to the hotels in Puno. 12:30PM
  • Include


    • Entrances fees to Uros
    • Spanish/English professional speaking guide.
    • Transfer hotels - port - hotels.
    • Motor boat (with toilet and bus seats)


    • Lunch in Uros.
  • Map
  • Video

Private tour to the Floating Islands of Uros

ID: ES012
  • Description

    Our private tours to the Uros Floating Islands include private transfers and transports, also are mainly guided in English and Spanish by a bilingual guide (other languages may be available upon request), this way you can learn a lot of cultural things about the Lake Titicaca, the islands and Puno.

    Feel free to pick-up time and flexibility on time spent on touristic places; as well they are not tied to regular itineraries of shared/group tours. 

    Ideal for couples, families, small groups and anyone who wants to experience the best of private and personalized services available in Puno and Lake Titicaca.

  • Itinerary


    • Transfers from downtown hotels – port and return.
    • Private motor boat Puno – Uros – Puno.
    • Entrances fees.
    • Professional Spanish/English speaking guide.


    • Lunch in Uros.
  • Information

    10 Facts about the Uros and why you should visit

    • Until today they’re still sleeping in the same floating islands.

    • They have solar panels to help with lighting and electricity at night.

    • They use to live in the famous boats made of reeds that currently is used for tourism.
    • Some chroniclers knew the Uros as lazy due to being too quiet and only spoke between his tribe.
    • EIn the case of a hopeless fight between relatives living in the same island, they just cut the island in two! And continue their normal life.
    • Some of them offer lodging, for sleeping and live like them!
    • The reeds of totora are used for building their houses, firewood, food and crafts.
    • The average depth is about 15 meters above Lake Titicaca
    • The Uros have a primary school, a health post, a small minimarket, a gas station, and the installation of an ATM BCP.
    • Book your tour to the Uros Islands to find out more!


    • Personalized service: You will have private transportation and a guide only for you.
    • Flexible Itinerary: We will have the possibility of adjusting schedules according to your convenience and likes; your own rhythm, your own travel plan. It is the same as traveling alone, but with the advantage of having a professional and dedicated guide for you.
    • Know deeper places visited: Taking a private service, give you much more time for knowing better destinations you choose


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Emmaline Fullen
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canadá

My friend and I are back from a lovely tour of the South of Peru. I just want to say that everything was well planned, we stayed in lovely hotels and saw the most beautiful places in the world.

Jolyn Mcewan
Nueva York, Estados Unidos

Highly experienced staff led to excellent tour and travel choices which resulted in a holiday of a lifetime. Thank you, Incalake.

May Wiza
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canadá

Excellent and outstanding Service! If you have any doubts, fears, questions about booking a Uros Experience, use this brilliant site / people and feel reassured your trip will be amazing and stress free, allowing you to fully enjoy the breath taking and mind blowing adventures and experiences Uros has to offer.

Stephen Kris
Glasgow, Scotland, Reino Unido

The trip was wonderful! We've had a pretty travel, I'd Like To visit Uros again, The guide helpd

Deron Shields
Seattle, Washington, Estados Unidos

Samuel was the first link, who arranged the tour which was practically problem free. He were very prompt in answering all my queries and arranging everything for us.

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