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Puno, Perú
Uros Floating Islands Tour | Tours to Uros in half Day.
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Group tour To Uros Floating Islands in 3h

A 3-Hour Group Trip to the Magic of Lake Titicaca

ID: ES005
  • Description

    Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure? Join our Group Tour to the Uros Islands and discover the amazing beauty of the floating Uros Islands in Lake Titicaca. On this tour, we will take you on an exciting 3-hour journey that will leave you in awe.

    Explore the Uros Islands in Style

    Our trip begins aboard a boat with panoramic windows and comfortable bus seats , ensuring that you enjoy every moment of the 30-minute journey. Take in stunning views of the lake as you relax and prepare for the adventure that awaits.

    Discover the Culture of the Uros

    On this tour to the floating islands of Uros , you will be captivated by the magic of more than 115 islands built with reeds , offering an authentic glimpse of life on Lake Titicaca and its inhabitants. Our guide will be at your side throughout the experience, providing explanations in two languages (Spanish/English) so you can fully immerse yourself in this fascinating world.

    Extra Option: Traditional Boat Trip

    For an even more enriching experience, you will have the option of taking a ride on the famous traditional boat made from reeds. This exciting additional excursion costs 20 soles, which is paid directly to local families. This walk will allow you to capture beautiful photographs and acquire a unique souvenir to take home.

    Return to the City of Puno with Unforgettable Memories

    After exploring the wonderful Uros Islands, we will return to the city of Puno, taking with us unforgettable memories of this unique experience. Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this incredible journey.

    Book your Tour to Uros now and get ready for an adventure that will leave you breathless. Do not miss it!

  • Itinerary


    Itinerary for the Tour to Uros at 09:00 AM:



    08:50 AM

    Pick up at hotels in the center of Puno (Exact time will be informed according to your hotel).

    09:15 AM

    Departure of the ship from the Port.

    10:00 AM

    Visit to 2 Floating Islands of the Uros.

    12:30 PM

    Return to the Hotels in the Center of Puno.

    Itinerary for the Tour to Uros at 12:00 PM:



    12:00 PM

    Pick up at hotels in the center of Puno (Exact time will be informed according to your hotel).

    12:20 PM

    Departure of the ship from the Port.

    01:00 PM

    Visit to 2 Floating Islands of the Uros.

    03:30 PM

    Return to the Hotels in the Center of Puno.

    Itinerary for the 3:00 PM Uros Tour:



    03:00 PM

    Pick up at hotels in the center of Puno (Exact time will be informed according to your hotel).

    03:30 PM

    Departure of the ship from the Port.

    04:00 PM

    Visit to 2 Floating Islands of the Uros.

    06:30 PM

    Return to the Hotels in the Center of Puno.

  • Include


    • Professional Bilingual Guide: Our guides, experts in local culture and bilingual (Spanish/English), will take you on a journey full of history and traditions in the famous Uros Islands.
    • Admission to the Islands: Guaranteed access to explore the unique beauty of these floating islands.
    • Comfortable and Safe Transportation: Enjoy a pleasant trip on a motor boat equipped with all the comforts, including toilet services and bus-type seats.
    • Convenient Transfers: We offer pickup from hotels located near Puno's Plaza de Armas (or within a 1 km radius).

    Not included:

    • Personal expenses.
    • Meals
    • Optional: Traditional reed boat ride, an experience not to be missed (20 soles p/p)
  • Information


    Are you looking for the perfect experience for your trip to the Uros? Look no further! On our tour to Uros, we offer you unique advantages that will make your adventure unforgettable. Here are some reasons why you should book with us:

    1. Modern and Comfortable Boats with First Class Hygienic Services: Our boats have been carefully selected to provide you with comfort and cleanliness at all times. We know that hygiene is essential for your well-being during travel.

    2. Bilingual Professional Guides: We have highly qualified guides who speak Spanish and English. They will offer you an enriching experience, sharing knowledge about the history and culture of Los Uros.
    3. Specialized Tours with Expert Local Guides in Los Uros: We know Los Uros in depth, thanks to our local guides who have grown up in this unique community. Prepare for a fascinating cultural immersion.
    4. Unique Opportunity to Board the Famous Reed Boats: Experience the authenticity of Los Uros by boarding one of its iconic reed boats. This optional experience will allow you to further explore the local culture (additional cost of S/20 per person).
    5. Discover the Secret of the Floating Islands: Learn how these islands are kept afloat thanks to ancient engineering. The inhabitants of Los Uros cut and replace the reeds every 15 days, anchoring them to the bottom with sticks that cross the floor of the island. A fascinating tradition that we will reveal to you.
    6. Convenient Location in Puno Bay: The floating islands of Los Uros are located just 15 km from the port of Puno, in a south-east direction. Book with us and take advantage of the proximity to discover this unique treasure.
    7. What to bring? To make your experience even better, we recommend bringing comfortable clothing, sunscreen, a hat, a camera, and an open attitude to immerse yourself in the wonderful culture of Los Uros.
    8. xible Departures Throughout the Day: Thinking about your comfort, we offer departures at three different times: at 9:00 am, at 12:00 pm and at 3:00 pm, each lasting 3 hours. This gives you the flexibility to choose the time that best suits your schedule and enjoy Los Uros at your pace. Book now and choose your preferred time for this unique adventure!
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    Frequently asked questions about the tour to Uros

    What is the best way to enjoy the Uros Tour?

    The best way to enjoy the Uros Tour is to explore the Uros Floating Island, a unique experience that will immerse you in the culture of the floating islands of Lake Titicaca. You can also opt for the exciting Tour to the islands of Uros and Taquile by fast and modern boat for a more complete adventure. Don't miss the opportunity to discover these wonders!

    What are the main attractions on the Uros Floating Islands Tour?

    During the Uros Floating Islands Tour , you will be able to visit the Uros Floating Island, where you will meet the local community and learn about their unique way of life on the artificial islands.

    How long does the Uros Floating Islands Tour last?

    They last 3 hours in total

    Is it necessary to book the Uros Tour in advance?

    It is recommended to book the Uros Tour in advance , especially during the high tourist season. This will ensure that you have a secured spot and can plan your trip with peace of mind. Don't leave this unique experience until the last minute!

    What to bring to my Uros tour?

    Hiking shoes, hat, sunscreen, windproof jacket

  • Video

Private tour to the Floating Islands of Uros

ID: ES012
  • Description

    Our private tours to the Uros Floating Islands include private transfers and transports, also are mainly guided in English and Spanish by a bilingual guide (other languages may be available upon request), this way you can learn a lot of cultural things about the Lake Titicaca, the islands and Puno.

    Feel free to pick-up time and flexibility on time spent on touristic places; as well they are not tied to regular itineraries of shared/group tours. 

    Ideal for couples, families, small groups and anyone who wants to experience the best of private and personalized services available in Puno and Lake Titicaca.

  • Itinerary


    • Transfers from downtown hotels – port and return.
    • Private motor boat Puno – Uros – Puno.
    • Entrances fees.
    • Professional Spanish/English speaking guide.


    • Lunch in Uros.
  • Information

    10 Facts about the Uros and why you should visit

    • Until today they’re still sleeping in the same floating islands.

    • They have solar panels to help with lighting and electricity at night.

    • They use to live in the famous boats made of reeds that currently is used for tourism.
    • Some chroniclers knew the Uros as lazy due to being too quiet and only spoke between his tribe.
    • EIn the case of a hopeless fight between relatives living in the same island, they just cut the island in two! And continue their normal life.
    • Some of them offer lodging, for sleeping and live like them!
    • The reeds of totora are used for building their houses, firewood, food and crafts.
    • The average depth is about 15 meters above Lake Titicaca
    • The Uros have a primary school, a health post, a small minimarket, a gas station, and the installation of an ATM BCP.
    • Book your tour to the Uros Islands to find out more!


    • Personalized service: You will have private transportation and a guide only for you.
    • Flexible Itinerary: We will have the possibility of adjusting schedules according to your convenience and likes; your own rhythm, your own travel plan. It is the same as traveling alone, but with the advantage of having a professional and dedicated guide for you.
    • Know deeper places visited: Taking a private service, give you much more time for knowing better destinations you choose

Uros Group Tour from Puno with Private Guide (3h)

Go in a shared boat, however have your own guide for you

ID: ES233
  • Description

    Uros Group boat with Private Guide

    Discover the Magic of the Floating Islands with an Exclusive Guide for You

    Embark on a unique journey with our "Tour to the Uros from Puno with private guide", offering a unmatched combination of group travel and personalized service. This exclusive tour invites you to discover the stunning beauty of the floating Uros Islands on Lake Titicaca, not only as part of a group, but with the added luxury of a private guide dedicated exclusively to your experience.

    As part of our "Tour to the Uros from Puno",You will be fascinated by the enchanting world of more than 115 islands made of reeds, offering an authentic glimpse of life on Lake Titicaca. What sets this tour apart is your personal guide,who will accompany you away from the main group to provide information and stories, ensuring a deeper and more intimate exploration of the Uros culture.

    Reserve your place on our “Uros Tour from Puno" now and get ready for an adventure that combines the best of both worlds.

  • Itinerary

    Uros tour itinerary with private guide

    3 Schedules: 9am, 12pm and 3pm

    Duration: 3h

  • Include

    Includes the Uros tour with private guide:

    • Group boat
    • Private Guide
    • Entry Tickets
    • Transfers to the city center port (round trip)

    No Includes

    • Traditional reed boat (20 soles per person), you can take it on the same islands. This is an optional activity
    • Meals, personal expenses.


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Emmaline Fullen
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canadá

My friend and I are back from a lovely tour of the South of Peru. I just want to say that everything was well planned, we stayed in lovely hotels and saw the most beautiful places in the world.

Jolyn Mcewan
Nueva York, Estados Unidos

Highly experienced staff led to excellent tour and travel choices which resulted in a holiday of a lifetime. Thank you, Incalake.

May Wiza
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canadá

Excellent and outstanding Service! If you have any doubts, fears, questions about booking a Uros Experience, use this brilliant site / people and feel reassured your trip will be amazing and stress free, allowing you to fully enjoy the breath taking and mind blowing adventures and experiences Uros has to offer.

Stephen Kris
Glasgow, Scotland, Reino Unido

The trip was wonderful! We've had a pretty travel, I'd Like To visit Uros again, The guide helpd

Deron Shields
Seattle, Washington, Estados Unidos

Samuel was the first link, who arranged the tour which was practically problem free. He were very prompt in answering all my queries and arranging everything for us.

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