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Puno, Perú
Uros, Amantani and Taquile Island Tour on Lake Titicaca
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Tour to Amantani, Uros and Taquile Islands in 2 days

Discover the Charm of Amantani

ID: ES008
  • Description

    Day 1: Starting the Adventure on Lake Titicaca: Uros and Amantani

    Get ready for a unique experience! Our tour to Amantani Island begins with a fascinating visit to the floating islands of the Uros. We will pick you up directly from your hotel in the center of Puno. Are you not in the center? No problem, Inca Lake offers a flexible shuttle service for an additional fee.

    On board our boat, we will arrive at the Uros Island in 25 minutes. Here, you will discover secrets of life on the islands: How do they float? What is the daily routine of the Uros?  Also as an OPTIONAL activity You will have the option to explore on a traditional Totora boat for only 20 soles.

    Then, we will head to Amantani Island. Here, you will feel the warm welcome of the locals, who will make you feel at home. You will stay in private rooms and enjoy a typical Andean lunch. Afterwards, you will have free time to explore the island and its charming cobblestone paths.

    The afternoon includes a visit to the Inca ceremonial temples Pachamama and Pachatata. Don't forget your camera to capture the sunset from the top! The evening promises an authentic cultural experience: a delicious dinner followed by a local folk festival.

    Day 2: The Magic of Taquile

    After an energizing breakfast, we will continue our tour to the island of Taquile. Here, you will discover the island's extraordinary textile art and enjoy a tourist lunch. Did you know that in Taquile, it is men who weave? Learn about their traditions and capture unique moments with your camera!

    This trip will leave you full of unforgettable memories and wanting to return. Come explore Amantani tour with us and live the experience of a lifetime!

  • Itinerary

    Detailed Itinerary Uros Amantani Taquile 2d1n.

    Day 1 Amantaní and Uros Adventure

    • 07:45-8:10 AM : Pick up from hotels around the Plaza de Armas of Puno.
    • 08:30 AM : Departure by boat from the Port of Puno.
    • 09:00 AM : Visit to 2 Floating Islands of the Uros.
    • 10:00 AM : Departure to Amantani Island .
    • 01:00 PM : Arrival at the Port of Amantani .
    • 02:00 PM : Lunch with a local family.
    • 04:00 PM : Walk to Cerro Pachamama and Pachatata .
    • 06:00 PM : Dinner and return to the family home.
    • 08:00 PM : Dance and celebration with the community (optional).

    Day 2: Discovering Taquile

    • 06:30 AM : Breakfast at Amantani .
    • 08:00 AM : Departure to Taquile.
    • 09:00 AM : Walk to the Taquile main square.
    • 10:30 AM : Arrival at the parade ground.
    • 12:00 PM : Lunch included.
    • 01:30 PM : Return to Puno.
    • 04:00 PM : Transfer to the hotels in Puno.
  • Include

    Tour To Amantani 2d1n Inclusions and Exclusions


    • Tourist tickets to the islands.
    • Professional guide in Spanish/English.
    • Downtown Hotel -port – Main Square transfers.
    • Modern and comfortable motorboat.
    • Basic accommodation in Amantani with 3 typical Andean meals:
      • Lunch: variety of dishes with potato, rice, egg.
      • Dinner on the first day.
      • Breakfast on the second day.
    • Lunch in Taquile with two main course options:
      • Fried trout with rice, French fries and salad.
      • Egg and vegetable omelet with rice, French fries and salad.

    Not included:

    • Other personal expenses.
    • Cold drinks
    • Pickup at specific hotels (Casa Andina, Posada del Inka, Xima Hotel, Libertadores) for $7 USD per person.

    Embark on this unique adventure and experience the magic of Lake Titicaca on an unforgettable 2-day tour to Amantani!

  • Information

    Frequently asked questions for the Tour to Amantani 2d1n

    • What will I experience on the Amantani Tour? You will experience an authentic cultural stay with the locals. The houses are simple, and the services are basic, which offers you a real immersion in Andean life.
    • Why choose this tour? Opting for this tour means directly supporting local families and participating in activities that benefit the community.
    • What activities can I do? The tour offers trekking on Amantani Island as the main activity.
    • Do you visit more than Amantani? The tour includes visits to the floating islands of Uros and Taquile, with various cultural activities scheduled in Amantani . Details may vary depending on weather conditions and other factors.
    • Important considerations: The food at Amantani is simple but delicious, based on local products. It is important to consider possible dietary restrictions and medical needs due to the simplicity of services on the island.
    • Amantani tour? On the Amantaní tour, walking time varies, but there are some key moments where walking is required. For example, after arriving at Amantani, you walk with the host families to their homes. Additionally, there is an option to take a sunrise hike to the highest point on the island. The hikes are not extremely long or difficult, but light packing is recommended due to the altitude and uneven trails.
    • Is it available for children? What age? The tour is available for children, but it is important to note that some activities have age restrictions. Given the basic accommodation conditions and the nature of the activities, it is advisable that children participating in the tour are old enough to handle moderate hiking and adapt to simple living conditions.
    • What are the services like at Amantani? The services at Amantani are basic. The accommodation houses are simple, with cold water, and the bathrooms are basic without showers. The food is simple but delicious, prepared mainly with local products. It is important to prepare for a rustic and authentic experience, bringing what is necessary for a comfortable stay in these conditions, such as personal hygiene items and clothing appropriate for temperature variations.

    Do not forget! Make sure you bring the essentials and be prepared for a genuine cultural adventure. This Tour to Amantani awaits you with unique and rewarding experiences!


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  • Recomendations

    Recommendations on Tour To Amantaní

    • Before the trip:  Pack comfortable clothing, a hat, gloves, sunglasses, sunscreen, water, and rain gear (especially from November to April), Bring your passport or ID card, Bring recording devices and cash (local currency).
    • During the tour: Wear trekking shoes and a small backpack.
    • Other considerations: Pets, smoking, and very large suitcases (+55 liters) are not allowed.
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Tour to Uros, Amantani and Taquile + Private guide in 2 days

Shared transportation + Private Guide

ID: ES096
  • Description

    In this improved version, we will give you the possibility to have a private guide during the 2d1n tour, The perks are notorious, you will have a personalized service, despite the shared transportation and group guide, your private guide will be with you all the time, solving your questions and help you to have a better communication between you and the families. As well he can organize some extra walks around the island.

    If you want to immerse in a truly homestay tour, we suggest you a private guide that can improve the experience. You will be apart from the group (30 people approximately) and if you want to go to explore around, you can do it.

    Transportation is shared with other passengers but you have a private guide.

  • Include


    • Entrances fees to Uros, Amantani and Taquile.
    • Spanish/English private guide for 02 days.
    • Transfer Hotel – Port - Hotel.
    • Motor Boat for 02 days.
    • Rural lodge and 3 meals in Amantani based on Andean/vegetarian food: potato, rice, eggs, quinoa soup, ocas, etc.(1st Day: Lunch and Dinner; 2nd Day: breakfast).
    • Lunch in Taquile (2nd Day).
    • Main course: Grilled trout or Omelet; both accompanied by rice, French fries and salad.
    • Soup: Quinoa soup.
    • Hot drinks: Coca or Meant Tea.


    • Personal expenses
  • Video

Private Tour Uros Amantani and Taquile in 2 days

Comfortable private tour to 3 islands of Titicaca in Private Service

ID: ES097
  • Description


    Our private tours include private transfers and transports; also are mainly guided in English and Spanish (other languages may be available upon request); have freedom of pick-up time and flexibility on time spent on touristic places; as well they are not tied to regular itineraries of shared/group tours. Ideal for couples, families, small groups and anyone who wants to experience the best of private and personalized services available in Puno and Lake Titicaca.

  • Include


    • Transfers from downtown hotels – port and return.
    • Private motor boat Puno – Uros – Taquile – Puno.
      • Travel time Uros – Amantani: 3h20min.
      • Travel time Amantani-Taquile (1h).
      • Travel time Taquile-Puno (2h40min).
    • Basic lodging on Amantani island.
    • Lunch, dinner (1st day) and breakfas (2nd day) on Amantani island.
    • Touristic lunch on Taquile island.
    • Entrances fees.
    • Professional Spanish/English speaking guide 2D/1N.


    • Extra Expenses
  • Information

    Why travel to Amantani?

    • Is not only is Amantani, also we visit Uros floating islands and Taquile island.
    • Beautiful landscapes: Lake Titicaca, the sunrise and sunset are spectacular from this island.
    • For lovers of trekking (long walks): Despite walk uphill is arduous (1 hour), sunset and landscapes are spectacular.
    • Stay one night on Amantani, is a unique experience, this is an opportunity to learn about the life of Andean people and an example of the reality of the islands of Titicaca.
    • Southern Constellations, from here you can see the different constellations in the night, with no light disturbance: Southern Cross, Orion, Scorpio, Milky Way, etc.
    • Social support, this is the less touristy island on Lake Titicaca and its inhabitants are the lowest income. Opting for this tour means help the development of this island.


    • Personalized service: You will have private transportation and a guide only for you.
    • Flexible Itinerary: We will have the possibility of adjusting schedules according to your convenience and likes; your own rhythm, your own travel plan. It is the same as traveling alone, but with the advantage of having a professional and dedicated guide for you.
    • Know deeper places visited: Taking a private service, give you much more time for knowing better destinations you choose.
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