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Puno, Perú
Tour to Uros and Taquile premium (non touristic part)
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Tour Uros and Taquile Premium Sandy Beach in 1 day

Speedboat on Lake Titicaca

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  • Description

    Tour to Lake Titicaca exclusive from Inca Lake.

    Where you can visit the island of Uros, and also discover the remote part of the natural island called Taquile on the lake titicaca.

    Boat travel in fast boat to know the wonderful islands of Uros and Taquile. It is in this last one, where we will know its beach (unique place of the island of Taquile) with white sand and with a beautful view of the snowy mountains.

    In addition to these beautiful landscapes, you will share the essence of the Andean customs with the local families.

    Without a doubt, you will enjoy these beautiful islands of Puno. You will know interesting facts about the lake titicaca that will leave you shocked.

  • Itinerary

    In this amazing tour to the fantastic islands on the Lake Titicaca of Uros and remote Taquile done by fast boat, we will pick you up from your hotels / bus terminal between 6.55am to 7.15am (we will give you a better time according to the hotel you are in) and we will take you to port of Puno, where we will proceed to take our fast and modern boat, to embark us to our first destination: the floating islands of Uros.

    You will have a bilingual guide in Spanish / English that will make you know the life of the inhabitants of these beautiful Titicaca’s Islands, you will learn a lot of interesting and cultural things.

    We will be there on an average of one hour in Uros, later we will continue our trip to the Island of Taquile.

    Once embarking, we will go to the northern part of Taquile (1h 30 min journey), island where we will make a 20-minute walk to a local restaurant to have lunch our delicious menu.

    We will dance together with the families, and we will have time to learn from their culture, through our bilingual guide. This way you will have beautiful memories of Puno and it’s islands.

    After the delicious lunch, we will descend to the sector of the beach (white sand) to take a look into the snowy mountains of the Andes (Something you will never see in the sea), if you are brave, you can bathe in the water of Titicaca (8° C), and if not, you will also have enough time to enjoy the beautiful views that this beautiful lake can offer so you can also take wonderful pictures.

    Finally, after a great day, we will return to the city of Puno, arriving at approximately 4pm.

  • Include


    • Transfer Puno center hotels - Port - Puno center hotels
    • Speed ​​Boat
    • Spanish / English guide
    • Tickets to the Floating Islands of the Uros and Taquile Remote
    • Lunch in Taquile


    Personal expenses

  • Map
  • Recomendations


    Take with you:

    • Bring money for some snacks, souvenirs or others, in SOLES
    • A light backpack with everything you need for 1 day.
    • Swimsuit (if you want to bathe on the beach)
    • Mineral water (recommended: 1 liter of water / bottle per person), after taking them keep the bottles on the boat that will return them to Puno, please do not leave the waste in the Islands of Uros and Taquile.
    • Cap, sunscreen and sunglasses
    • Electronic devices (Cell phones, Kindle, cameras)
    • In times of cold warm clothes (apr-oct) and in rainy season (nov-mar) umbrellas, waterproof clothing.
    • Comfortable walking shoes (Trekking shoes)

    Keep in mind:

    This tour is recommended for people from 12 to 60 years or in good physical condition, especially on the second island called Taquile

    We recommend for groups with children under 12 and over 60, rent a private guide so they can walk in time. The price for a private guide is $ 35 USD (up to 3 people) $ 45 USD (up to 6 people)


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Edward lee
Estados Unidos

Thanks to Samuel our guide, that provides a unique experience on Lake Titikaka, we will definitely buy again from Inca Lake

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