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Puno, Perú
Full day tour to Amantani

Tour to the Uros and Amantani Islands in 1 day

Full Day group tour to Amantani from Puno

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  • Description

    Discover the Beauty of Amantani with an Unforgettable 1-Day Tour from Puno

    Ready for a unique experience? Join the "1-Day Amantani Tour" and immerse yourself in the cultural wealth of Lake Titicaca. From your hotel in the center of Puno, we depart between 07:00 and 07:20 AM, starting a day full of discoveries.

    First, we will explore the Uros Islands , floating wonders where you will admire the Uros' skill in the art of totora. At 08:30 AM, you will be fascinated by the unique construction of its islands and rafts.

    Then, the island of Amantani awaits you. Here, local hospitality and a traditional lunch will give you an authentic connection to island life. You will appreciate its harmonious relationship with nature and the preservation of its customs.

    In the afternoon, discover the cultural treasures of Amantani: its sacred sites and panoramic views. This trip is not only a walk, but an immersion in ancestral practices and beliefs that survive over time.

    We finish the tour at 5:30 p.m., returning to Puno. This 1-day Amantani Tour is not just a trip, it is an experience that will leave you with indelible memories and a deep appreciation for the living culture of Lake Titicaca. Book now and be part of this adventure!

  • Itinerary

    Detailed Itinerary: Tour to Uros and Amantani in 1 day

    • 07:00: Pick up from your Hotel, to start the Uros and Amantani 1 Day tour.
    • 07:45: Check-in and entry to the Port of Puno.
    • 08:00: Boat to the Floating Islands, Uros and visit
    • 09:30: Boat to Amantani Island .
    • 12:30: Lunch in Amantani and visit the island.
    • 1:30 p.m.: We will descend towards the Amantani Pier .
    • 2:30 p.m.: Return by boat to the city of Puno.
    • 17:30: Arrival in Puno and transfer to the city center
  • Include

    Included in the Tour to Uros and Amantani in 1 day

    • Entrance tickets to the islands of Uros and Amantani
    • Guide service in Spanish and English.
    • Transfer to and from the hotel to the port from central hotels in Puno (500m around the main square).
    • Covered motor boat and bus seats
    • Lunch.

    Not included in the Tour:

    • Breakfast dinner
    • Other expenses not specified in the itinerary.
    • Transfer to and from specific hotels such as GHL, Sonesta Posadas del Inca, Casa Andina Premium, Xima Hoteles, José Antonio or hotels away from the city center of Puno
  • Information

    Frequently asked questions about the 1-day Uros and Amantani tour

    What is the physical effort involved when arriving at Amantani?

    The physical effort required upon reaching Amantani is moderate. Upon disembarking on the island, visitors typically walk along steep paths and stone stairs to explore the island. The island is located at a significant altitude (around 3,950 meters above sea level), which can make the hike more challenging,

    Is the 1-day tour to the Uros and Amantani Islands worth it?

    The answer depends on your interests and the time you have in Puno. It is recommended if you only have one day available

    Are there any special activities during the tour?

    A ride on a traditional boat made of reeds is usually offered, although it is not included in the price of the tour, an additional 20 soles p/p is added, you can order it directly on site.

    How long does it take to get from Puno to Amantani?

    The boat trip lasts between 2h30min approx.

    What to see in Amantani?

    The island offers wonderful views, a pleasant town with its beautiful main square.

    How many days is it recommended to stay on Lake Titicaca?

    It is possible to do a one-day visit, but if you prefer to take things slower, two nights would be ideal, one in Uros and one in Taquile

    What exactly are the Uros floating islands? And who are the Uros?

    The Uros Islands are inhabited artificial floating platforms, built with reeds, a type of reed. The Uros, an Aymara- speaking people , originally lived on the mainland, but moved to these floating islands to avoid conflicts with other Inca and pre-Inca peoples

  • Map
  • Recomendations

    Recommendations for the Tour to Uros and Amantani:

    • Appropriate Clothing: It is important to wear comfortable and warm clothing. Since the weather in the Lake Titicaca region can be unpredictable and sometimes cold, it is best to be prepared for any changes.
    • Sun Protection: The sun can be very intense at this altitude. Don't forget to bring sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses to protect yourself properly.
    • Camera Ready: Make sure you have your camera ready at all times. Lake Titicaca and its islands offer spectacular landscapes and unique moments that you will want to capture and remember.
    • Hiking shoes: You walk an average of 1h30min in Amantani, wearing hiking shoes is essential
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