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Puno, Perú
Food tour in Puno, tour of local and traditional food in Puno
Food tourism

Food Tour In Puno City

Lets Dinner Together

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  • Description


    In this food tour Puno, we have selected (our pick), the best traditional plates you can find to eat in Puno.

    You will try different flavors of our icon plates, in addition, we have selected common local places that local people love. We will not enter to a tourist restaurant, but we will try in small establishments, a rich and different varied dinner waits for you.

    What to expect from this tour?

    Try the heart anticucho (meat dish that originated in Peru but spread and became popular throughout many countries) in one of the best local restaurant in the city.

    • Meet the famous Api (thick purple corn drink coming from our brother country Bolivia) with your turnover
    • Try to a delicious “Pan con chicharron” (bread with pork accompanied with sweet potato)
    • In addition take a very energic and tasteful drink: chichi morada (native drink made from corn).
    • And finally as a dessert, taste the “mazamorra morada” (popular Peruvian dessert made from purple corn and fruit)
    • Y como postre, probaras una rica mazamorra morada de un lugar al paso.
  • Itinerary

    We suggest starting at 7.00pm in the evening, our guide will pick you up from hotels located around the main square or in the center of Puno, and take you walk through the different food points.

    This lasts approximately 2 hours, if you eat fast, it will last 1h30min

  • Include


    • Guide in Spanish/English
    • All meals mentioned


    • Transfers from hotels located outside center of Puno
    • Tips to the guide
  • Information


    Bring with you an empty stomach


    What if I cannot eat all the meals?

    We promise you will do, don’t worry

    For avoiding to feel “full tank”, we will share the plates with the rest of the group.

    The most of restaurants used in this tours are from Bolivian small owners, so don’t expect “touristic” restaurants.

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