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Puno, Perú
Andean rituals in Puno and Lake Titicaca
Mystic tourism

Ancient Andean Rituals 2 hours

Mystical tourism in Puno

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  • Description

    Tour Ancient Andean Rituals (Description)

    This tour makes many pre-Inca and Inca Andean ceremonies in order to call the welfare and good vibes in your lives; calling the "Apus" to be blessed and be successful. These rituals are done in Huajsapata lookout, where the concentration of energy is strong enough to make it easy to channel and have a great mystical experience, receiving many positive energies of truth and love.

    We will the following rituals:

    • Pagachi Ceremony of the coca leaf, where the Andean shaman can communicate with the Apus through the ancestral leaf to start other rituals.
    • Challachi ceremony: where we use wine to splattering it over the holy land, which will show us many geometric shapes that allow us to see our past and our present.

    • Sahumerio ceremony, where we purify our spirit, making it new and pure one.
    • Calling soul ceremony, where we connect our physical body with our mind and spirit.
    • The great ceremony of the "Apus" (Great Spirits living Inca represented by sacred mountains): where these ancient gods will give us his blessing and will guide us during our stay.
    • We finally make a circle holding our hands and receive the messages from the "Apus", to feel the universal energy.

    Note: The meeting point is in the plaza de armas at a time agreed with you

  • Itinerary

    Tour Ancient Andean Rituals (Itinerary)


    Meeting on Plaza de Armas or our office.  
    Walk to the Huajsapata lookout (25min walk)  
    Prepartation of pre-ceremony ítems  
    Practice of the andean rituals  
    End of ceremony
  • Include

    Tour Ancient Andean Rituals (It includes)


    • Local shaman
    • All rituals mentioned
  • Map


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Imogene Lechner
Sidney, Nueva Gales del Sur, Australia

The shaman connect with nature and made ancient rituals practiced by ancient cultures, I felt I was in connection with nature.

Yesenia Dublin
Nueva York, Estados Unidos

First time witnessed Andean rites and can say it is an unforgettable experience, mysticism, magic of the Andes present, I recommend .. it is a unique experience.

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