Useful information in puno

Information about lake Titicaca and puno (Information)

Puno is a department of Peru located in the southeast of the country.

The lake titikaka is the highest navigable lake in the world. Sacred place since immemorial time by the native populations of Quechua and Aymara cultures. The huge lake covers over 8,500 km2 (3.282 miles) and has 176 km (109 miles) long and 50 km (31 miles) wide.

  • 265 Km. (166 millas) East of Arequipa.
  • 389 Km. (244 millas) South de Cusco.
  • 45 Km. (29 millas) South East of Juliaca.
  • 1,495 Km. (935 millas) South East of Lima.

In puno we can find the Lake Titikaka and the unique islands, main attraction on the region, like Uros Floating Island, Taquile and Amantani Island.

There are also alternatives such as tourist sites in Puno like:

  • Tinajani: With its impressive The "stone forest".
  • Las Chulpas de Sillustani: With its ceremonial tombs with a beautiful view of Lake Umayo.
  • La península de Capachica: Its amazing beaches on the shores of Lake.
  • Chucuito: The temple of Inca Uyo or Temple of the fertility.
  • Aramu Muru: Door with three-dimensional ideal for tourism mystical.
  • Lampa: With its impressive stone cathedral and a replica of "La Pieta" (sculpture by Michelangelo).

Information about lake Titicaca and puno (Tips)

  • Travellers arriving directly to Lake Titicaca should stay at least 1 or 2 days to acclimate, not eating heavy meals and drinking lots of water, coca tea and muñea. It is advisable to stay in rooms with oxygen.
  • The nearest airport to Lake Titikaka is located in the city of Juliaca, 45 km (28 miles) north of Puno (1 hour approx.). You can take a taxi or go for a company that goes directly to the airport in collective service.
  • Visit the islands of Lake Titikaka is a unique experience. The floating islands of Uros, Taquile and Amantani are most visited by most travelers.
  • In Amantani Island, the sunset is one of the best in the world. One of the last rituals of the afternoon is a half-hour walk to the highest point of the hill situated at one end of the island and see the beautiful colors of the sky while the sun is hiding across the horizon of the lake.
  • For safety, the boats do not travel through the Lake after 4:00 pm because at these hours the water is a little dangerous, so for you, the best is to program your tours in the lake and its islands early in the morning (all arrangements must be made one day in advance, if earlier the better).
  • The weather in Puno and Lake Titicaca can be particularly dry and cold, especially at night. The sun is extremely intense at this altitude so you should take precautions (sweaters, gloves, sunglasses, hats and sunscreen).

Information about lake Titicaca and puno (Other)

Where to buy:
  • Kantu: Located in Casa del Corregidor. Deustua Street # 576 handicrafts at the best price.
  • Craft Market: Located at the port of Puno, just one block from it.
  • Lima Street: The main street of Puno, with a variety of souvenir shops, clothing and all kinds of accessories at very cheap prices.


From mid-December to March: Constants rains, hot weather (20°C Day, 3°C night av.).

April to June: Specially June is the coldest month in Puno (15°C Day; until -10°C night).

Mid-July – Mid-September: Wind months, if you take boats to Islands of Titicaca you could have some dizziness due the movements of the boats.

Mid-September – December: Usually sky is clear all days.

Other Information
Altitude: Puno Capital (3810 masl / 12.553 fasl). Distances between Puno and other important cities:
  • By land: Lima – Arequipa – Juliaca – Puno: 1324 km / 823 miles (18 hours by car)
  • By air: Regular flights to Juliaca from Lima (1 hour and 45 minutes, with a stop in Arequipa or Cusco) and from Arequipa or Cusco (25 minutes).
  • By train: Cusco – Puno: 384 km / 239 miles (10 hours)
Distances from the city of Puno:
  • Juli 79 km (49 miles) / 1 hour and 20 minutes.
  • Ilave 54 km (34 miles) / 1 hour.
  • Lampa 80 km (50 miles) / 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  • Ayaviri 137 km (85 miles) / 2 hours and 45 minutes.
  • Juliaca 44 km (27 miles) / 45 minutes.
  • Chucuito 18km (10 miles) / 20 minutes.
  • Hayu Marca 62km (38 miles) / 55 minutes.
  • Airport 55 km (32 miles) / 50 minutes.
  • Sillustani 34 km (20 miles) / 40 min.
Night Life
  • Colors Restaurant Lounge (11:00 – Midnight): Lima St. 342 - For drinks and appetizers, it has a variety of cocktails (try Pisco Sour); some days DJ’s.
  • DOMINO (21:00 – 04:00 AM): Libertad St. 437 - The only acceptable disco around Puno, influenced by Salsa and Reggaeton Styles.
  • PLATINIUM (21:00 – 04:00 AM): Jr. Libertad 415 - Discoteca de rango medio, con estilos de música salsa, local, electro.
Pub Bar
  • KAMIZARAKI (06 pm – 02 am): Pasaje Grau 148
  • DÉJÀ VU (06 pm – 02 am): Pasaje Grau 214
  • CANTOBAR (08 pm – 03 am) : Lima St. 378

Pharmacy, ATM, Banks, Money Ex. Offices

Pharmacies: Located mainly across Lima St. 3rd Block -> (Arcangel, Inkafarma,).

Banks and ATM: Located mainly in Lima St. 4th Block (Interbank, BCP, Continental, ScotiaBank).

Money Exchange Houses: Many of them are located at Tacna St. 232 and Lima St 4th Block. Take care with old or broken bills (they don’t accept them).


$2-4: Chinese food could be one option; you can find many of them in Arequipa St Block 3 and Moquegua St. Block 1.

$4-7: Internacional restaurant located between Libertad and Moquegua St. have a good reputation between high-medium class of Punenos.

$7-10: There are a lot of Pizzerias in Puno two of the best are Ekekos Restaurant Pizza (at Lima St. 365) and Machu Pizza (located at Tacna St. 276); also a good option is Choza de Oscar (Libertad St. 354) with traditional dances and dishes list (dances start at 07:30 pm until 09:00 pm)

$10 +: Mojsa (Located at Lima St. 635) Great location at Plaza de Armas with a variety of dishes, it’s the highly recommended Restaurant in Puno, the dishes are so good based on Peruvian and International food.

Café: CECOVASA Located at “Casa del Corregidor” Deustua St. 576, many kinds of local and traditional cafés.

Ice Cream: CHEPYS Located between Lima and Puno Street; Too many flavors from $0.5USD ~ $2.00 USD.

Bakery: Ricos Pan Located at Moquegua St. 326; many excellent milk shakes, expressos, cafes, bread, cakes, etc.

Airport: Inca Manco Capac International Airport.
  • Aviación Av.- Urbanization Santa Adriana. Juliaca.
    • Telephone: +51 - (051) 32-8974 / 32-2905
Train station: Perú Rail Corporation.
  • Puno: La Torre Av. 224.
    • Tel: +51 (051) 35-1041 / 36-9179.
  • Juliaca: Plaza Bolognesi 303.
    • Tel: +51 (051) 32-1036.
  • E-mail:
  • Website:
  • Puno. Manuel Núñez Butrón National Hospital, El Sol Av. 1022.
    • Tel: +51 (051) 36-9696 / 35-1021 / 36-7777
  • Juliaca: H. Carlos Monge Medrano, Kilometer 2 of the Huancane Highway.
    • Tel: +51 (051) 32-1750 / 32-1131
Policía local
  • Puno. XII Police Region. Deustua St. 530.
    • Telephone: +51 (051) 35-3988. Attention: 24 hours.
  • Puno. Tourism Police. Deústua St. 558. Attention: 24 hours.
  • Juliaca. Peru National Police. San Martin St. with Ramon Castilla St.
    • Tel: +51 (051) 32-2091. Attention: 24 hours.
Postal Offices
  • Puno: Moquegua St. 269.
    • Tel: +51 (051) 35-1141.
  • Juliaca: Sandia St. with Ladislao Butron St.
    • Tel: +51 (051) 32-1391.
Tourism Information: IPeru located at Lima St. with Deustua St.

Mirador Condor Wasi.

Bring broke or old bill dollars (Changes houses don’t accept it).

Bills of $1.00 are changed with S/2; less than the average ($1USD – S/2.70).

People that try to sell you tours in terminal buses (informal agents on the bus station that offer you very well offer tours, in most cases you will be ripped off.


Puno is a quiet city; normally you can walk without problems until midnight. However is preferable to take you bags in front of you, also take care with pockets pickers on Central Market or Pino Park (Especially on festivities).

  • The main place for buying handicrafts is it on Puno’s Port – Right Side (Prices are cheaper than buying in Uros, Taquile).
  • The Fair Trade Shop: has unique pieces of handicrafts in Puno; located at “Casa del Corregidor” (Deustua St. 576).
  • Usually in all Lima Street, you’ll find many shops for buying handicrafts.


Electricity: All devices operated in 220 v.

What to Wear: Generally Puno in the mornings is hot, so take with you lightly clothes, in the night temperature can decrease too fast until -5°C, so wear warm clothes.

Attitude Sickness: For a normal dizzy is highly recommended to drink COCA tea, for more information check this LINK