Our team

In Inca Lake, we are more a family than a company, and we are willing to have a great experience with us with the services we offer you. We thank you very much for trusting us, we present to you the people behind that will make you enjoy your trip a lot.

Hugo leads a team of people passionate about what they do, since the company was created. “My passion for serving tourists who visit Peru, comes from when I was very young. Today I am passionate about entrepreneurship and the challenges the agency brings us. Happily, you never stop learning and improving ”

“Face the challenges, that will make you progress”

Hugo Molina


Edwin is a graduate of the Professional School of Tourism of the National University of Altiplano-Puno. Already with 5 years of experience in the area in charge of operations and reserves of the agency "We are learning and improving day by day and always attentive to the vanguard of new technologies"

“Dedicate more time to what makes you really happy”

Edwin Flores


Cristal is very cheerful and disciplined, she is an Accountant and Tourism Guide. He has worked at Inca Lake since 2017 in the accounting area. Cristal has goals to grow professionally and knows that the company has a great future, not only for the innovative services but also for the enthusiasm of each co-worker.

“Your smile can make a difference. Smile!”

Cristal Yaguno


Richar, by profession Administrator; Marketing, advertising, customer service and graphic design are his passions. Richar joined the Inca Lake family this year, is in charge of Marketing. “My mission is to help companies with growth potential to increase their sales using traditional and digital marketing strategies”

“Making a sale is important, but achieving customer loyalty is vital”

Richar Copacondori


Samuel is from the Island of Amantani - Puno, with 8 years of experience in tourism field, local and national historical heritage, has leadership and management skills: "informs, assists, guides, accompanies the tourist", according to the demands of the same.

“The world is yours conquer it!”

Samuel Yanarico



In the same way, we thank our external collaborators, guides, transporters, external professionals.


Without them, there is no experience

Josue Cahui


Carlos Lujano


Humberto Velasquez



Responsible and educated

Jose Luis Pinto


David Flores


Web programmers:

technology for you

Iván Cutipa


Froilán Quispe


Geoffrey Apaza