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Cusco, Cuzco, Perú
Visit the planetarium Cusco
Astromic tourism

Planetarium Cusco

From Monday to Saturday (Evening)

ID: ES089
  • Description


    Located next to the archeological park of Sacsayhuamán , in Cusco Peru, hidden inside the reserved area of Llaullipata, lies the perfect place for a cosmic experience: Cusco´s Planetarium.

    It is a small and private Planetarium, and above all, a family business. In an small house, that looks like any typical Andean house, made of adobe and red roofs, a experience is constructed to learn about the universe, but, above all, to learn about the Andean world and in that way to understand, through its vision of the universe, one of the most important civilizations of the ancient world

    This is an opportunity to experiment an activity that is so human; connecting to the skies, dreaming about their stories, and looking at the universe while we look at ourselves.

  • Itinerary


    17:40 Presentation at Plaza Regocijo (in the middle)
    17:55 Arrival to the planetarium
    18:00 Introduction to Inca Astronomy in two interpretation romos
    18:20 Virtual projection on dome Proyección virtual en domo
    19:00 Telescopes **
    19:35 Return to Plaza Regocijo
    • ** Time depends on weather

  • Include


    • Shared transportation from Plaza Regocijo to Planetarium and back (same point)
    • English or Spanish speaking guides
    • Telescopes for looking the main stars availables.
    • Reservation fee of $7.50USD per person (Inca Lake charge this)


    • Personal expenses
  • Information


    our stargazing equipment:

      • MEADE telescope: 10 inches hybrid on a dobsonian support
      • CELESTRON telescope: 8 1/2 (electronic)
      • Barlows 2X, 3X and filters
      • Astronomical Binoculars (Celestron)
      • Green Laser pointers
      • tablets with astronomic maps
  • Map
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