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Arequipa, Perú
Sillar route Tour in Arequipa

Sillar route tour in Arequipa (4h)

Discover the Magic of Arequipa: Sillar Routes Tour - Añashuayco and Culebrillas

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  • Description

    Uncover Arequipa's Hidden Wonders: The Sillar Route Tour

    Discover the Sillar Route , a unique experience a few kilometers from Arequipa, where history and nature intertwine in the sillar quarries. This half-day tour will take you on a journey to the past of the "White City", exploring the formations and carvings that define this emblematic place. Get up close and personal with the work of the stonemasons, custodians of a living tradition, and admire the impressive works of art carved into the volcanic stone, the result of ancient eruptions.

    How is Ashlar extracted and impacted in Arequipa? Join us on an educational journey to understand how this unique stone, known as ignimbrite, is mined. Discover the process behind the formation of ashlars and meet the local stonemasons, true artisans who keep a generational tradition alive.

    Unique Photographs in the Sillar Quarries Get ready to capture impressive photographs in the Sillar quarries, where the majestic landscapes are exclusive to this region of Peru.

    Book your Sillar Route Experience Now Don't miss this unique opportunity. Book your Rutas del Sillar Tour now and live an unforgettable experience full of history, culture and adventure. We are waiting for you to explore the secrets of Arequipa together!

  • Itinerary

    Detailed Itinerary of the Rutas del Sillar Tour: A Cultural Adventure in Arequipa




    Pick up from Hotels in the Center of Arequipa We start with the pick up from the central hotels, preparing you for a unique cultural experience on the Sillar Route.


    Departure to the Añashuayco Quarry We begin the trip to Añashuayco . On this 45 minute journey. Upon arrival, the impressive Añashuayco canyon awaits you with its ignimbrite cliffs. Discover the history of ashlar, its production and its historical use. Enjoy the Megacarving of the Church of the Company of Jesus and meet the local stonemasons.

    After Añashuayco

    Visit to the Quebrada de Culebrillas We move to the Quebrada de Culebrillas, 30 minutes from Añashuayco . Here we take a 20-minute walk in a small canyon formed by water, with walls that reach up to 20 meters high. At the end, discover ancient petroglyphs of the Wari and Apachetas culture , symbols of gratitude to nature and good luck.


    Return to Arequipa We begin the return journey to the city of Arequipa, taking with us unique memories and knowledge of this cultural experience.


    Arrival in Arequipa We end our tour in the center of Arequipa, near the emblematic main square.

    The afternoon itinerary is similar to the morning one; The return time is at 6.30pm – 7pm, depending a lot on traffic.

  • Include


    • Pick up from your Hotel
    • Group vehicle with other passengers
    • Visit all the places described in the itinerary
    • Spanish/English professional guided


    • Any meals or snacks
  • Information



    • What is the Sillar Route? The Sillar Route is a unique experience in Arequipa, where you explore ashlar quarries, white blocks of volcanic stone. This tour, available since 2014, offers a look at history and art, highlighting an impressive carving on the walls of the quarry, a tribute to the Church of the Company of Jesus.

    • What is Sillar? The ashlar, essential on the Sillar Route, is a rectangular block, hand-sculpted, that measures approximately 50cm x 30cm x 20cm. Composed of Ignimbrite, or Volcanic Tuff, ashlar is the result of millions of years of volcanic evolution, transforming a viscous mass into the robust stone used today.
    • Is the ashlar volcanic lava? No, ashlar is formed from Volcanic Tuff or Ignimbrite, different from volcanic lava. Although both are products of volcanic eruptions, their composition and formation are unique.
    • Does ashlar only exist in Arequipa? Although Volcanic Tuff is found in several regions, only in Arequipa has it been used to sculpt ashlars and build an entire city.
    • On the Ruta del Sillar tour do we visit all the quarries? Of the more than 15 quarries in Arequipa, the Sillar Route includes the most emblematic: the Cortadores Quarry (Añashuayco) and the Culebrillas Quarry, seen from a unique perspective.
    • How many quarries are visited on the Sillar Route? We visited two main quarries: the Cortadores Quarry and the Culebrillas Quarry, where petroglyphs and a picturesque canyon are the main attractions.
    • How far are the Sillar quarries from the center of Arequipa? The Añashuayco quarry is only 45 minutes away, while the Culebrillas quarry is an hour away from the center of Arequipa.
    • Who is a stonemason? A stonemason is a craftsman who transforms volcanic tuff into ashlars. On the Ruta del Sillar, you will be able to appreciate this ancestral tradition, which has been passed down for generations.
    • Does the tour to the Ruta del Sillar include food? Food is not included, but you will find options for snacks along the way. In addition, we can recommend excellent restaurants near the end of the tour.
    • Are there toilet services on the Ruta del Sillar? In the main quarry of Añashuayco you will find hygienic services. However, in the Culebrillas Quarry, these are not available.
    • Is it very hot on the Ruta del Sillar? Yes, especially because of the reflection of the white of the ashlars. We recommend bringing sun protection, especially during the rainy season.
    • Is the altitude too high on the Ruta del Sillar? The altitude is similar to Arequipa, with a slight elevation, making it comfortable for most visitors.
    • Is it advisable to go with children to the Ruta del Sillar? is definitely a fun and educational adventure for kids, with plenty of memorable photo opportunities.
    • Where can I get crafts made in Sillar? In the quarries, you will find a variety of ashlar crafts, from key chains to replicas of the Arequipa Cathedral, all carved from this unique material.


  • Map
  • Recomendations


    • Appropriate clothing for hiking
    • Mosquito repellent
    • Sunglasses and sunscreen
    • bottled water
    • Shoes suitable for short walks
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