Bus Puno Copacabana or Bus Puno La Paz: All information you need to Know


These are the frequently asked questions that our travelers make to us. We hope these points can clarify all question you have about service Bus Puno La Paz or Bus Puno Copacabana:

If you red already this points and /or want to make a reservation please send us a mail to reservas@incalake.com or incalake@gmail.com or through our ONLINE FORM

Q: Why do I change buses in Copacabana? 

A: Because we need to crosss: STRAIT OF TIQUINA  15 min travel on platforms through Lake Titicaca. This platform do not support big buses.

Q: Where do I arrive in Copacabana?

A: You will arrive to the same office of the bus company (Av. 6 Agosto with Av 16 Julio), you need to take your luggage and change into the other 1 floor bus.


Where do I arrive in La Paz?

A: You will arrive to the main bus station of La Paz (Av. Uruguay (final) esq. Av. Perú)

Terminal de Buses La Paz
Terminal de Buses La Paz

Q: Can you send an scan of our bus tickets?

A: No, due accouting policy of the bus company. They can only print bus tickets one day before your trip. However, we can send you an word document where we can ensure that you’ll have your bus tickets buyed and booked.

Q: Can I Book online?

A: Yes, we can book seats from now for you, and you’ll pay when you receive your tickets the night before your trip or the same day of trip at the pick up 7.00 am or 2.00 pm.

Q: How many hours take from Puno to Copacabana?

A: From Puno to the border (“Kasani”) is 2h 30 min, at this moment all the passengers needs to go down and present their documentation, it last around 20-30min for waiting all passengers. Then you continue 15 min more and you arrive to Copacabana.

Q: How many hours take from Puno to La Paz?

Morning bus lasts more than the afternoon bus. Because morning bus has a stop of 1 hour in Copacabana (that allows you to eat in a restaurant or knowing a little bit of Copacabana) instead of afternoon bus that has only 30 min stop. So:

  • Morning bus lasts 7h 30 min around (with the stop of 1 hour in Copacabana);
  • Afternoon bus lasts 6h 30min around (with a half hour stop in Copacabana)

Q: Does do Bus makes stop along the route?

Yes it makes 3 stops: at migration offices, at offices of bus company, and finally a small stop on strait of Tiquina

Q: I Arrive in Cruz del Sur, coming from Arequipa. Can I reach the bus departing at 14.30?

It depends, Cruz del Sur arrives to Puno from 14.00 to 15.00 h, that’s why is complicated to tell you if you will arrive on time for bus to Copacabana or La Paz. However if you want to travel despite Cruz del Sur arrives between these hours (not like their webpage say 13h.30), we’re going to ask you for payment in advance; and if you do not arrive on time, you’re going to lose the total value of the bus tickets due NO SHOW. Take cautions if you want to travel directly.

Q: Why Titicaca Bolivia?

A: We think that is the best option for going to Bolivia, because they have their own buses in both sides Peruvian and Bolivian. Buses are the newest between all companies that offers similars services. Also is the only company that departs at 2.30pm

Q: How many time in advance should I book?

A: From 1-3 people we recommend to book tickets at least 1 week in advance for ensuring availability.

For more that 3 people, you should book more than 1 week in advance.

Q Is there any extra costs I should pay?

Yes, but there are minimals:

  • Entrances fees to Copacabana (1 Bs or $0.16USD p/p)
  • Tickets for ferries in Strait of Tiquina (2 Bs or $0.32USD p/p)

Q Is there any Bus from Puno – Desaguadero – La Paz?

A: Sadly, no, there are not touristic buses that goes direct from Puno to La Paz. However, if you want to go to La Paz no matter if is a touristic bus or not, you should request us a scort guide that will accompany you until Desaguadero and show you where you need to take shares “colectivos” buses from Desaguadero to La Paz.

Q What’s include on the price?

A: We guarantee availability, we make a reservation in advance and buy tickets for you, if you desire we can deliver your ticket to your hotel, and is included your transfer from your dowtown hotels to bus station in Puno (with a guide Scort)

Once you made the payment we will need the following information

  1. Full Names of passengers:
  2. Passport Numbers:
  3. Country:
  4. Date of Travel:
  5. Schedule:
  6. Hotel in Puno:

And please one option for delivering tickets


The tickets are delivered the same day of your trip at the pick up time where a person is going to pick you up from the hotel to the terminal bus in Puno (in a normal taxi car).

Send us this information to our mail reservas@incalake.com or incalake@gmail.com or through our ONLINE FORM

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