Waiver: Responsabilites and obligations on the death road biking full day tour 2019



XTREME DOWNHILL is a tour operator agency that offers specific mountain biking tour “THE DEATH ROAD”. The following waiver establishes the responsibilities and liabilities of XTREME DOWNHILL and that of the client who undertakes a mountain biking excursion with XTREME DOWNHILL.

In signing at the bottom of this document, I knowledge that I have read, understood and accepted the following points:

  1. I……………………………………………………………………….am responsible for informing this office (in writing) BEFORE the ride of any existing illness, injury or allergy that I have that might affect my ability to undertake the ride, or which might require treatment during the ride. Moreover, it is my responsibility to inform the guides of any extra help that I may need. I am also responsible for informing this office if I am inexperienced on mountain biking or am very nervous or scared of the ride in which I will be participating.
  2. I AM responsible to take care of my belonging documents, cellphones, money and clothes Xtreme Downhill is not responsible for losses theft and damage, neither in our Transport. I further agree that I am responsible of the equipment that will be provided by Xtreme Downhill for the biking tour, an any kind of damages incurred intentionally or willfully (even if I take the lead in another cyclist because I understand that is not a tour of competence) to Xtreme Downhill bicycles or equipment will be paid according to the damaged part or accessory of the gear. If the damage is the result of normal use, The Agency will not seek redress.
  3. I understand that the Xtreme Downhill’s guides, are trained in rescue and first aids, they are not qualified nurse or doctors, and as such the medical attention they will provide in the case of an accident is limited to first aid, and the medical supplies carried are also limited to those necessary to enable a person to be taken safely to professional and qualified secondary medical attention. I understand that if I should choose to take them, I do so of my own accord and at my own risk.
  4. I understand that there are risks associated with the activities I will be undertaking with Xtreme Downhill. I accept that it is neither desirable nor feasible to remove all risk from these activities and this risk is an essential part of the adventure experience and provides the challenge of outdoor activities. I am aware that Xtreme Downhill and its employees will take all reasonable and practicable steps to manage these risks to an acceptable level. At any time during this activity I understand I am free to ask for information on the activity and make my own decision on my level of involvement.
  5. I accept personal responsibility for my own actions during this activity, which I undertake at my own risk. I am also responsible to ensure that my action or inactions do not jeopardize the safety of others. I accept that Xtreme Downhill is not responsible or liable in the event of injury, loss or death resulting during the tour.
  6. I accept that if I’m under the influence of alcohol or drugs before the tour, the guide will decide if I am good conditions to do the biking tour or not, in order to prevent any kind of accidents or deaths.
  7. I accept that the guide in charge can take decisions to stop or cancel my biking tour if I don’t follow their instructions (playing with the bike, making jumps or perform dangerous biking tricks) or if I represent danger for the rest of the group.
  8. I further agree that if I am injured or become all during the activity Xtreme Downhill may, at my cost arrange or supply medical treatment, evacuation or any other emergency service on my behalf as Xtreme Downhill deems necessary or appropriate for my safety and well-being.
  9. I understand that I am in good health conditions (physical and psychological) to the take this tour, and nobody obligated me to take it, so the change of the day trip which I signed up, or do not turn up on time for my trip or the cancellation FOR ANY REASON for the day trip, the cancellation penalty will follow:
  10. If the trip is cancelled due to exterior factors, such as road blocks, extreme weather condition, forces of nature, acts of God, marches, political situations, civil and government disturbances Xtreme Downhill will reschedule the trip for the next available day without any extra cost but with no possibility of refund.
48hrs notice cancellation on working hours office 25% penalty
24hrs notice cancellation on working hours office 50% penalty
Change of the day tour trip 35% of the trip’s cost addition of the money paid
Cancellation less than 24hrs before the tour 100% penalty
Not turn up on time for the day tour or no show 100% penalty

In case of any intentional or willfully damage to the parts of a bike, you are in the right to pay the following prices

Bicycle part Simple suspension (prices in Bolivianos) Simple suspension (prices in USD) Double suspension (prices in Bolivianos) Double suspension (prices in USD)
Hydraulic brakes 940 $ 138.24 1200 $ 176.47
Derailleur Support 60 $ 8.82 80 $ 11.76
Stem 150 $ 22.06 180 $ 26.47
Handlebar 70 $ 10.29 90 $ 13.24
Pedal 67 $ 09.85 85 $ 12.50
Front suspension 2828 $ 415.88 3182 $ 467.94
Rear suspension 650 $ 95.59 637 $ 93.68
Rear gearshifter 350 $ 51.47 350 $ 51.47
Rim and Spokes 220 $ 32.35 380 $ 55.88
Bicycle Frame 801 $ 117.79 3394 $ 499.12
Crank pedal and front pinion 884 $ 130.00 1061 $ 156.03
Chain guide and bearing – Iron Horse 200 $ 29.41 1061 $ 156.03
Fork 20 $ 2.94 25 $ 03.68
Shimano Deore Brakes Lever 160 $ 23.53 360 $ 53.00
Handlebar Grips (pair) 213 $ 31.32 213 $ 31.32
Tyre and air chamber 98 $ 14.41 120 $ 17.65
Hub 240 $ 35.29 340 $ 50.00
Shifters and Cables 350 $ 51.47 400 $ 58.82
Brakes pads 110 $ 16.18 110 $ 16.18
Saddle Blocker 60 $ 08.82 90 $ 13.24
Chain 70 $ 10.29 130 $ 19.12
Seat tube 80 $ 11.76 120 $ 17.65
Derailleur 60 $ 8.82 60 $ 8.82
Whole Bicycle 7975 $ 1172.79 12090 $ 1777.94


Equipment Simple suspension (prices in Bolivianos) Simple suspension (Prices in USD dollar)
Full face helmet 978 $ 143.82
Gloves 220 $ 32.35
Knee Pads 150 $ 22.06
Handlebar 175 $ 25.74
Elbow pad 175 $ 25.74
Jacket 380 $ 55.88
Pant of oxford American fabric 160 $ 23.53

 I declare that I have attentively read and accept the above ten points of this declaration of risk and personal responsibility on ____/____/____ (day/month/year)

Full Name:___________________________________                 Country:_____________________ Passport  # :___________________       Height:_____           Weight:_____


Signature :__________________

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