Why we request a simple photo/copy of my passport?

1.- Why do I have to send my passport and Andean migration card (TAM)?

If you are a foreigner, Inca Lake, in your benefit, prevents you from collecting the VAT or VAT (18%), In accordance with the country’s tax laws, foreigners staying more than 59 days in Peru, must pay an additional 18% . To not pay this 18% extra tax. Send us a copy of the immigration card and passport.

It is essential to provide both documents to be eligible for the payment exemption.

Otherwise, you must pay the corresponding supplement (18%) at the beginning of the services.

This only applies to citizens who are not residents of Peru

Legal Sources:


2.- How do I send my TAM (Migration Andeand Card)?

To begin with, the TAM or Andean migration card is a document of migratory control of a statistical nature and of obligatory use when it is accompanied by the identity document; custom offices will give you this document, when entering Peru for the first time. You will be given a physical voucher (your TAM), if you lose it, ou can also take it out in virtual duplicate, in the next point, we will explain how.

3.- How can I get my TAM?

Once you have entered Peru, you can obtain your TAM or a copy of it. Go to the following link: https://cel.migraciones.gob.pe/ConsultaTAMVirtual/VerificarTAM

Put your corresponding data

Send us a copy of your TAM to reservas@incalake.com

Thank you very much for your patience, the procedure will allow you to save 18% of the value of the services.

IMPORTANT: Inca Lake by default, has on its website exempt VAT taxes, if after payment, is not satisfied to send the documentation, will be added 18% VAT at the time of starting your trip.


1.- Could I send a watermark photo of my passport?

Yes, you can send us a watermark a photo of your passport

You can use this services online in order to watermark them


2.- Is this normal?

Yes, hotels in Peru also do this, for example, they request your passport at the frontdesk and they take a PhotoCopy.

3.- I have purchased another tour with other agency and they haven’t request me the passport photo, why?

There are 3 main reasons

  • Your agency already charge you the 18% and don’t tell you
  • Your agency may not be a formal agency, so they don’t pay taxes (also risk for a fraud increases.
  • This benefit law started recent on 2018, so most of agencies are unaware of this law, that let you pay less for the services.
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