How to get a Bolivian Visa (if you’are from USA)


If you are from United States of America (USA) first, you need to know that you need the following requirements in order to get your visa, in physical and in digital format.

What are the steps for getting a Visa?

  1.  You need to have passport valid for at least six months
  2. Evidence of a hotel reservation in Bolivia or a letter of invitation in Spanish (In case you travel to tiahuanaco in one day and get back, this is not necessary)
  3. Round trip flight/bus tickets or copy of itinerary (if you travel to Tiahuanaco with us, we will provide an itinerar of your trip)
  4. Proof of economic solvency (credit card, cash, or a current bank statement)
  5. International Vaccination Certificate for yellow fever.
  6. You need to pay a Visa fee of $170USD for tourism visa (Take care with folded, marked, creased or broken bills, they need to be in really good conditions, almost brand new). Only CASH, this is paid in the same migration office or the near consulate in your country
  7. With all this documents/money you must present a visa application form (check below instructions)
    1. This is presented in Bolivian consulates located along Peru such as
      1. Lima:  Los Castaños Nro. 235 Distrito San Isidro
        1. Timetable: 8:30 to 13:00 and 14:30 to 18:00 
      2. Cusco:  Av. Oswaldo Vaca Nro. 101 – Urb. Magisterial
        1. Timetable 8:00 a 16:00
      3. Puno: Jirón Cajamarca Nro. 664 – (3 – 18)
        1. Timetable 8:00 a 16:00
Steps for filling correctly your visa application form:
  1. Enter to
  2. Fill your information as below and click on “registration email and sent to aplication”InstruccionesVisaUSABolivia
  3. It will appear the next screen, requesting the code they have sent you to your emailIntroduceCode
  4. Check your email, you will receive an email similar like this, take the code number and write it on the bolivian website.EmailReceived
  5. After writing the code, You will be redirected to the following screenFillInformation
  6. Fill the information and upload your photo (instructions about the photo you must upload here), continueFilledInformation
  7. Fill the next informationNextSteps
  8. Continue filling the information requiredStep4
  9. Next steps:Step5
  10. Attach all the documents we have told you to have in digital 2016-02-24 18-20-35
  11. Verify and send it, you will receive your preform 2016-02-24 18-24-43
  12. Download and print your sworn declaration (you can download the example in here Reporte.pdf)
  13.  Once the document is printed, you must submit the original document and a copy thereof initialed in consular offices of representation.
  14.  This form is valid for 15 days from the date of registration and you should pay $170USD with the document.

We highly recommend to get your visa in advance or get more information on Bolivian consulate in your country


You MUST confirm and obtain any visa requirements prior to border crossing. All visa requirements are the sole responsibility of the traveler, we are a travel agency, however we’re not responsible of any change in the requirements. You must contact the consulates in your country for official information.

This information is uptaded up to MARCH 23TH 2019

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