Salar de Uyuni can be visited all year round, but it can take the following considerations:


During the months of May to April and October and part of December is the ideal season to visit the salt flat since the climate is not extreme and you have great landscapes with skies cleared of salt.

During the months of June to September is when the weather will be very cold, but we will find clear and bright skies for good photographs.

The best time is between the months of May to November, depending on the rains it is possible also in December, the months of June to September (Winter) are the lowest temperatures and we will find clear and bright skies ideal for excellent photo and video shots At the end of the year the temperatures rise and it is possible that these months are the most pleasant although it is possible that the skies are not so clear.


During the months of January to March it is known as the rainy season. During this time is when the large mirror of water occurs because the salt is flooded. It is the best time for the photographs of the mirror effect, although it is not possible to go too far because of the danger incurred in the flooded parts. For many it is the ideal time.

The months of rain (summer) between January and March are frequent and the Salar weather is normally flooded and it becomes a large shallow lake. However, the visual spectacle is spectacular. Crossing the Salar in these conditions can be very dangerous. and there are limitations due to this natural phenomenon and we will also find possible rains, bad weather, covered skies that obviously can subtract the beauty of the place.

  • When is this phenomenon occurring?

In summer, between January and February, it can be extended to the first week of March. During this time, there are generous rains in the Bolivian highlands, turning the Salar de Uyuni into something like a gigantic lake less than a foot deep. It should be noted that this phenomenon depends exclusively on the weather and the rains, so that its appearance can not be completely guaranteed.

  • What is the best month to see the mirror effect of salar?

The best time to glimpse the mirror effect is from mid-January to the end of February. In this period, the rains that flood the salt are concentrated and produce this visual effect.

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